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Whither Figment?

The way I hear it, the day after the original Kodak ride closed in 1998 there was a guy wandering around the pavilion asking guests to sign his petition to ‘Bring Back Dreamfinder & Figment!’ Now it’s 14 years later … Continue reading

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‘Walt Disney’ vs. Themed Entertainment

Themed Entertainment is an art. In my opinion it is the greatest, most challenging of human art forms for two reasons: First, it is the one form of communication that has the capacity to embrace all the other art forms … Continue reading

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29 – A Little Help from My Friends

Immediately following Tony’s presentation at Disney University I head up to Wally’s Dressing Room and call WED Enterprises. An old friend from my Magic Mountain days, Ken Lisi, is in charge of the WED Recording Studio and I ask if … Continue reading

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