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Preview of ‘From Dreamer to Dreamfinder’…

INTRODUCTION The Earl of Sandwich restaurant in Downtown Disney makes a great Thanksgiving Special: turkey, gravy, stuffing, mayo and cranberry sauce on a toasted roll. I nearly choke on mine when my Disney pal Matt says, “We want to bring … Continue reading

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Interview for ‘Barrel O’ Fun’ Magazine

From ‘Barrel o’ Fun Magazine: Inside the Industry with Chris Handa An Interview with Ron Schneider, AKA, Dreamfinder Prime (Some material is excerpted from Ron’s upcoming book: From Dreamer to Dreamfinder: A Life (and Lessons Learned) from 40 Years Behind … Continue reading

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56 – So Long, Skippy

My last project at Universal is particularly satisfying. A 2-page memo from Jay Stein outlines his idea for the grand opening of the long-delayed Jaws attraction. The company has invested in the building of a ferocious-looking Jaws Truck that Jay … Continue reading

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55 – What I Got for Christmas

On the second Santa-tastic day, I walk into the studio to see the Extravaganza. First, a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard. Much had been made in the meeting of the light designs that would enhance the facades along the Park’s main … Continue reading

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48 – Part-Time Manager, Full-Time Fan

The night before Universal Florida opens is damp and misty. The Park is getting it’s final going over. Since all the attractions are either indoors or behind the scenes whatever desperation is going on (and there is plenty) is hidden … Continue reading

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47 – Universal Florida Pre-Opening Daze

The months before opening USF are a muddy, wild time. My first job is to scout prices and availability of lights, cameras, generators and filming equipment for our phony film crew. Since I know absolutely nothing about film shoots and … Continue reading

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37 – Fort Liberty Wild West Dinner Show

Coming up on 5 years at Imagination and I’m feeling decidedly comfortable… and unsatisfied. I’ve made inroads at Walt Disney World in voice-over and gotten some commercial work and can count on a Santa gig or two when ’tis the … Continue reading

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