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While interacting with theme park guests, a performer is apt to hear the same three or four comments from just about everyone they meet. After all, the guests are reacting to the same thing in the same environment… and people … Continue reading

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Interview for ‘Barrel O’ Fun’ Magazine

From ‘Barrel o’ Fun Magazine: Inside the Industry with Chris Handa An Interview with Ron Schneider, AKA, Dreamfinder Prime (Some material is excerpted from Ron’s upcoming book: From Dreamer to Dreamfinder: A Life (and Lessons Learned) from 40 Years Behind … Continue reading

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Whither Figment?

The way I hear it, the day after the original Kodak ride closed in 1998 there was a guy wandering around the pavilion asking guests to sign his petition to ‘Bring Back Dreamfinder & Figment!’ Now it’s 14 years later … Continue reading

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‘Walt Disney’ vs. Themed Entertainment

Themed Entertainment is an art. In my opinion it is the greatest, most challenging of human art forms for two reasons: First, it is the one form of communication that has the capacity to embrace all the other art forms … Continue reading

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35 – Representin’

Being the only EPCOT Center characters (that weren’t wired to the floor), it fell to us to make the rounds of press and public events before and during opening. We were usually accompanied by a Kodak Representative, but when it … Continue reading

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