Hello, and welcome aboard to those of you who have joined us here.

I’ve been shifting things around on the ol’ blog, preparing for the upcoming (really!) publication of ‘From Dreamer to Dreamfinder’ – the Book.

As I’ve stated before, this blog was my way of tricking myself into completing the book I’ve been promising to write for the last few years. By focusing on turning out a page or two at a time I was able to overcome my procrastination and, seven months later, wound up with the first draft of my memoir/textbook in hand.

Much reorganization and rewriting have ensued… so I’ve been winnowing out earlier posts that have since been reordered and expanded. What’s left online will hopefully whet your appetite for the finished work, due in July.

Meanwhile, the arduous task of editing has progressed slowly, assisted by the staff of Bamboo Forest Publishing – who have shown terrific patience with and enthusiasm for this fledgling author.

The good folks of D23 have recently announced a special event planned for September 30th at WDW to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of Epcot. One way or another I hope to be a part of the festivities, and hope to meet many of you on that celebratory weekend.

In the meantime I’ll be around making personal appearances and doing online interviews to promote the book. I hope you enjoy what you find on the blog and will stick around to see what’s coming…

My Book Cover!!


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Creative Consultant, Lecturer, Freelance Writer, Director & Show Doctor, Actor and Voice-Over. Lifelong student of themed interactive entertainment.
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  1. Michael Scibetta says:

    Ron, please give us advance warning of any scheduled appearances. Working for The Mouse, we usually don’t have much control of our schedule, and usually don’t know next week’s until the Tuesday evening before. That’s what “Personal Days” are for!

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