An Update…

Hello there! Yes, your Friendly Neighborhood Dreamfinder is still here and still writing… in fact I have just finished the memoir portion of my upcoming book, now titled:

From Dreamer to Dreamfinder – A Life (and Lessons Learned) in 40 Years Behind a Nametag

There’s still much to do; my manly editorial staff is poring over the manuscript as I write this, looking for typos, factual errors and trying to determine which stories are most likely to result in lawsuits from former employers.  And the appendices are going to be extensive. That is where I hope to present the principles of writing and performing live themed entertainment that have served me (and others) so well.

I’ve removed many of my earlier biographical posts from the blog, since the writing in the book is much better; the stories are much more detailed and will give a greater feeling for what happened and how it felt to be there.

And if you’re staying in one of the Deluxe Resorts and pay an additional $250, I’ll send you a ‘Next Gen’ copy of the book, featuring a picture of me with eyes that follow you as you move around the room and will say your name when you open it! (Parking not included) (kidding)

More to come…

About Ron Schneider

Creative Consultant, Lecturer, Freelance Writer, Director & Show Doctor, Actor and Voice-Over. Lifelong student of themed interactive entertainment.
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4 Responses to An Update…

  1. Master Squires, Jr. says:

    Ron, with all respect, I liked your old title. You might consider inverting the new one: “40 Years Behind a Nametag: A Life (and Lessons Learned) From Dreamer to Dreamfinder.” The notion of living behind a nametag strikes me as more intriguing and poignant than being a dreamer, which anyone can be. Living behind a nametag implies a sort of forced anonymity and a more personal story.

    • Mike — Right on both counts! The one title is more intriguing and poignant, and anyone CAN be a Dreamer. Those are the reasons I’ve kept both titles. The reason I’ve put ‘From Dreamer… ‘ first is that I’ve learned over the past year that my primary audience is the dreamers. I’m writing this for the fans who have dreams of doing what I did whether it’s in my field or another of their choosing. I mean for this book to speak to them first and foremost. Thus my new choice of a title. RS

  2. GrumpyFan says:

    Hi Ron,

    From one Ron to another, I really enjoy your blog and I’m looking forward to reading your book. I have just found your site recently and begun reading back thru some of your posts, especially the ones about writing great themed shows. I’m not in the entertainment or imagineering business, but would sure like to be someday. I find myself reading these posts and saying “Yes, yes, yes, that’s how it should be done”, and then comparing your comments/instruction to other theme park shows (no names) and shaking my head ruefully at their failed attempt to captivate and entertain their audience. This is good stuff that hopefully someone like myself who’s a wannabe, or others who already are will read and get a clue. Lest we be subjected to another “placeholder” show in a park that runs for years on end and wastes untold numbers of guests precious vacation time…

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